When Is It Time to Install a Pet Door?


Pets have been a significant part of a human’s life in terms of support, motivation, and responsibility. The excitement shown by the pets when their owner gets home is enough to describe the beautiful bond of their relationship. 

However, having a pet is not always easy, it is also a  big responsibility for the owner. You have to feed them properly, train them well, play with them and let them outside the house. When you leave for work or attend important events, the pet will feel lonely unless accompanied by someone. By installing a pet door during these times, the pet can roam around in the backyard and enjoy its own company until you return. 

Before installing a pet door, there are some things you need to know about the different types of pet doors and the right time to install one.

Some important things to know before installing a pet door:

Different types of pet doors:

The pet doors come in various designs and can be installed in virtually any place and within most structures. When you hear the words pet door, the image that comes to mind is a traditional-style unit attached with a plastic frame and a single flap. But today’s pet door market is filled with different styles and designs, giving the user various advantages over conventional ones.

The different types of pet doors are:

  • Door-attached pet doors: It is the easiest door to install by yourself that contains aluminum or plastic attached with one or two flaps (soft or hard) for the pet to pass through the door. The door with double flaps is more energy-efficient and can sustain extreme weather conditions. It also has a lock-out panel for securing the door at night so no unwanted creatures come inside your home. 
  • Wall pet doors: Wall pet doors get your pet into different rooms of the house, like the kitchen, laundry, or utility room. It can also be done to lead your pet outside. The pet door installation involves cutting a hole in the wall and placing the pet door frame, flaps, and tunnels (for deeper walls). For example, the Hale pet doors offer perfectly done wall pet doors that they can install at affordable prices.       
  • Electric pet doors: The most secure pet door can prevent any other animals from getting into your home and letting your pet only at specific intervals. The electric door will allow the pets wearing the sensor tags to enter and exit through the door. So, you can set a particular time for permitting the pets to go in or out of the house, and at all other times, the door will remain locked. 

Major issues while installing a pet door:

There is a right time for installing a pet door in every house due to various reasons like a new house, baby walking around the house, and fear of entry of outside animals. 

Things to consider before choosing a pet door:

  • The warranty of the external door is invalid the minute you start installing a pet door.
  • A large pet door can give opportunities for intruders to gain entry into your house.
  • Small babies can crawl or walk out the medium or large-sized pet doors.
  • Unwanted animals like neighborhood dogs, cats, raccoons, and squirrels can force their entry into your house.

Give Your Pet Freedom to Go Outside

The primary reason behind fixing a pet door is to provide pets a little more freedom for their movement and enjoyment. Many people have installed pet doors in their houses without any regrets, giving both of them a happy lifestyle. But before installing a pet door, consider the above difficulties and choose the right type of pet door that meets all your requirement and budget. 




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