7 Things About Cats that Every Cat Owner Must Know

Own a cat? Great, that means you’re a happy and loving person.

As a cat owner, do you think you know enough about your pet? These are some of the most amazing creatures on the entire planet. They are so spectacular and have so many secrets that most people don’t know about, that even if we take a whole school year, we won’t be able to teach you everything about them.

However, we’ll go through some interesting facts in this article right here. We will share seven amazing facts about cats that will make you wonder how you did not know most of them, and prove your love for their kind. Read on if you want to know more details about this.

1. Cats only meow to Humans

Have you ever seen one cat meow to another? You haven’t! That’s because they don’t communicate with each other like this. They understand each other through smell, moves, and gesticulation of their entire body. They don’t have to make noises to explain something to another cat.

However, when they want to draw your attention, they’ll start meowing. Over time and as evolution rolled, their species understood that if they want something from humans, they should meow. Today, your pet won’t stop meowing until you feed them or give them affection. It’s their way of communicating with us, and us specifically.

2. They can’t taste sweet

As humans, we love sweets. Candies, ice-creams, cakes, you name it, if it is sweet, we will eat it. Offering this to cats will only make them wonder what are you eating and why are you so fuzzed about it. Cats have no sense of sweetness. Sugars mean nothing to them. See more about this here.

Their senses do not include receptors for sweet which is why they don’t eat your beloved cake. Moreover, they are not supposed to eat it, as sugars are going to cause serious health issues in their organs; meaning, it’s best if you don’t offer them, and them not eating your sweet junk food.

3. Their purr has healing effects

Cats purr in the range of 25-150 Hz. These numbers have proven to have a healing effect on people. When you go to chiropractic, they will set their machines to this frequency because this is proven to heal the muscles, bones, tendons, and the overall nervous system, which is deeply connected to the entire immune system, thus, making us healthier.

The purr is proven to strengthen our bones and provide muscle relaxation, which is why cats spend so much time resting and purring. It is a way to self-treat and heals eventual issues that happened during hunting. At the same time, the frequency and the vibrations are excellent for our health too.

4. Their nose is unique, just like people’s fingerprint

Every cat has a nose print which is their passport among other cats and animals. Just like people’s fingerprints, the cats have their noses which cannot be replicated on another cat. If you ever want to know where your pet is, you simply need to copy their nose print.

5. They spend a third of their awake time grooming themselves

Most of the time while they are awake, cats will sit in a cozy place and groom themselves. This is more than bath time for them. Cats are known as one of the cleanest and most self-maintained animals in the world as they spend around a third of their awake time grooming.

You’ll see how they lick their fur and often go more than 20 times on one spot. Their patient and will cover every inch with precision. There are parts of their body that they can’t reach, so they’ll use their paws to reach places that are not easily reachable.

6. They also spend 70% of the day sleeping

Even though they spend a third of their time grooming, this is not even nearly as much of their entire daytime. This is only around 15% of their entire activity. Most of the time domestic cats spend sleeping. Yes, just enjoying a good old nap at any time of the day, digesting peacefully what you have prepared for lunch.

When they wake up, they’ll do some activity, and then go back to sleep again. When you’re not home, that’s exactly what they will do – nap. When you come back, they’ll start a rampage and make you think that they are unstoppable, but in reality, they are just wasting all that energy accumulated from sleeping.

7. Dreaming of a white cat means good luck

While talking about sleeping, it’s worth mentioning that in the sleeping book of humans, and our subconsciousness, picturing a white cat means good luck. People associate the image of a white cat with something good. If you dream of a white cat or own a white cat, then you can consider yourself one lucky human being.


These seven points are an excellent textbook of cats’ behavior and how to understand these lovely creatures. Taking care of them is everything, which is why pages like https://www.katzengeschnurre.de/ offer so many toys for cats.

If you’re a cat owner, then you want your pet to be happy. You’ll do everything for them, but you also need to understand them. They live a different life than ours, which is why through these points, you’ll learn so much about them.

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