How To Prepare For A Dog Medical Emergency

If there is ever a medical emergency, it is critical to know how to respond. This not only applies to humans, but to your pets as well. Dogs can have allergic reactions, cardiac issues, get into poisonous materials and much more. Providing your furry friend with a forever home means you will also provide them with lifelong care, even in the event of an accident or emergency. Although animals may not be able to speak, they can still communicate. As the pet parent, it’s up to you to understand their communication methods and realize they might need immediate care.

Knowing the cause of an emergency medical situation can help pet owners take the proper steps to respond and care for their pets. It’s important to be aware of foods, substances and materials that can possibly be consumed by your dog. For example, chocolate, grapes, dairy, another pet’s food, some houseplants, lawn fertilizers, antifreeze and household cleaners are toxic to dogs.

There are various first response tactics that pet owners can perform at the onset of a medical emergency. If your pup is bleeding, elevate the wound and apply pressure with cloth until you can go to an animal hospital for further care. If your dog is choking, you might be able to remove the blockage with your fingers. If the object cannot be removed, apply repeated, sharp pressure on the chest to hopefully dislodge the object. Antiseptic creams usually treat minor burns from hot water, oil, chemicals or ice.

For more specifics on how to treat various emergencies, check out the below resource.

Dog Medical Emergency Guide created by Figo Pet Insurance.

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