What Truly Unique About Your Pet Bearded Dragon?

If you own a bearded dragon, you may find everything about it adorable. Your little mate might pose signals from time to time to state that it’s your alpha. These little lizards are easy to pet. All you need is proper care of your bearded dragon, and they will come across as the gentlest pets. Here’s what’s truly unique about your bearded dragon:

Most Popular Pets

Your bearded dragon is the most popular pet lizard you can find in the homes of pet lovers. Your bearded dragon might look fearsome, but they are mostly friendly. They are hilarious pets, and these reptiles can sometimes show funny behaviours like head bobbing. 

These reptiles are native to Australia but live in a range of different habitats like deserts, shrubs, or wood. They have been the most popular exotic pet choice for Americans, Pagona Vitticeps being the most popular among them. You can visit websites like HomePetHelp for more information on your pet. 

These lizards can live between 10-15 years with proper care. They mostly are omnivores, i.e., their diet consists of a range of insects and plants. These insects are not high maintenance, and they will only require additional set up cost other than the start.

They Wave Often

One of the most adorable habits of your bearded dragon is waving. You may often find your dragon waving at you. It is just a friendly gesture, indicating they mean no harm to you. They might wave at you or any other pet in your house as a white flag signal to make peace. Sometimes, your beardy may also wave at you to gain your attention, as most pets do.

Unique Behaviours

There are many other behaviours other than waving that make your bearded dragon unique. The trademark behaviour is head bobbing. Your bearded dragon head bobs at you or other pets to assert dominance over them.

It also happens if you put another bearded dragon in the cage. If the other dragon is female, your male dragon will head bob at her for mating. On the other hand, if he’s a male, both of them will head bob as a sign of dominance between competing mates for territory. Moreover, your pet dragon can head bob in his sleep too. 

Fun Facts

There are other fun facts about your dragon that makes him unique –

  • Your dragon can run up to 9mph. They are considered the easiest lizards to be trained to walk on a leash.
  • Your bearded dragon can swim too. They can inflate themselves with air for their buoyancy and can swim in similar motions like a crocodile.
  • Regular lizards can regrow their teeth, but your bearded dragon can regrow their teeth, much like they shed their skin.
  • Your bearded dragon can be asleep while standing up. They will stand on their hinds and rest against a supporting surface, and fall asleep.
  • Your bearded dragon can run on its hinds.
  • The scales and the change of colour indicate your bearded dragon’s mood. While most colour changes mean no harm, you specifically need to look out for a constant black beard. It may be a sign of illness. Their scales might become spiky when they are tensed.

Your bearded dragon is a good pet option. For more details, visit websites like those of HomePetHelp.


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