Time To Catch Fish – 8 tips for fishing more efficiently

It is not uncommon that the carp can only be caught during a short period of the day. Think back to your fishing sessions: how often did it happen all the time? I often think back to a session with the idea: “I could have gotten more out of that. That one day it went so well, if we could fish even more efficiently then I might have had even more fat fish… ”It is not always time, but with more time you can often catch more. Simply because you will fall into the “bait moments” more often.

Sometimes things suddenly go fast, then you don’t want to lose any time! Check here

  1. Be organized

It may sound crazy, but a mess will cost you fish. Always make sure that you are well prepared on the road. This way you will never forget anything and you do not have to go back home or to the fishing tackle shop. An hour later, the fish may have left your swim! Your unhooking mat and weighsling must of course also be ready.

A well-organized tackle box and rigs with your bait already attached are also an added value for the “fast angler”.

  1. Feed at multiple times

Many carp anglers feed in the evening, the day before going out for the night. But, what if they do come over to your swim and the food is already halfway through the night or in the morning? If you want the fish to be still on your swim and get a quick bite, feed less but more often!

Prefer to feed less, but more often. Chances are you won’t need a lot of time to catch your fish.

  1. Provide ready-made rigs

Consider how long it takes for your lines to return to the water after a bite. It can take an hour from the run until everything is spot-on again! Especially if you are fishing at a great distance and you have to get the carp by boat. 

I remember very well that we only caught fish on a water during the dark hours. From dusk it began to run and from the first light it was finished. Then you want to make good use of the time! We fished at a great distance, at least 300 meters. At such a time you should have a bait hooklink ready in the boat, along with some pieces of lead and scissors.

  1. Be ready as soon as it gets loose. Photo: Darrell Peck

If you have finished chilling the fish, you don’t have to unhook it yet. That is always a hassle when it is still in the water. Just slide your rig off your quick changeswivel and attach your new one! Drop and sail back. Pay attention to the safety of the fish while sailing, it is best to hang it next to the boat with your head forward. To prevent your hookbaits from drying out, you can put your rig (with bait and all) in an empty jar of pop-ups, for example.

  1. Put a fish in the sling

Wait to photograph the fish until your rod is spot-on again. Not infrequently a group of fish come at the same time, hence sometimes double runs! First put a caught carp in a retainer sling and attach it firmly to the bank. As soon as everything is back you can put the loot on sensitive plate.

  1. Run two fishing rods at the same time

If you are fishing long distances, put out two rods at the same time. You are then much faster in, and you only disturb the site once. How it works is simple: you take one rod with you in the boat, you sail it out second. 

You place the first rod on the support, with the reel open. Take the lead with you and only put your hooklink on it when you are at the swim (this prevents a hook in your hand if your bracket suddenly falls close while sailing, for example).

I remember very well that on a large lake where I fished 300-400 meters out of the bank, I sometimes already got bites while sailing out the second rods. Here everything had to be done quickly, because the productive hours were very short.

  1. Throw out a chod in advance

Often it takes forever before we finally lie on the stretcher and open a well-deserved beer. A waste of the fishing time, especially if there is fish on your swim. What has brought me fish before is throwing in an attractive bait. 

If you still have to figure out everything, it can pay to just throw out a simple chod. While you are busy preparing your camp, it can end just like that. Who knows a big bonus fish!

  1. Know your cuttings

Again, good preparation is really important. How soon will you have your rod in place again? I have often seen that it was only an hour “primetime” with the fish. You have to lie down. A line clip can then offer a solution, so that you are right again. 

However, if you are going out, you can also use markers. This is possible with GPS, but a simple H-marker is also possible of course. You can find them in the dark by simply putting reflection tape on it. The sooner you lie down, the sooner you will be bite again.

  1. Feed while drilling

You have to keep the fish busy, keep it on your spot. Ask your buddy to grab the feed pipe when you are drilling. During surface fishing you can clearly see that other carp are often just passing while you are playing their buddy. But if there is no more food, they can also be gone.

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