Michael’s Zoo in Never Land: what happened with it?

The King of Pop not only left a musical legacy, but also a real range of exotic animals, from reptiles, birds, to mammals. In addition to chimpanzee Bubbles, rescued by the singer from a medical laboratory, Michael Jackson had a veritable private zoo that housed giraffes, tigers and other exotic animals on his Never land ranch. The best-known animals in the Michael Jackson Zoo are Chimpanzee Bubbles, a boa constrictor named Muscles, a Llama named Loyne, an elephant that Michael received as a gift from his friend Elizabeth Taylor.

Michael’s zoo and controversies

If Michael Jackson were still alive today, surely companies like Netflix and other production companies would have already made a documentary or special about his pets. It is a bit strange that they have not yet produced a series inspired by his life, which was full of dramas. We still remember him for his love of animals and for having the most exotic pets. Michael loved animals because according to him through the animals he felt closer to God.

Bubbles, the chimpanzee who was Michael’s best friend for a long time and whom he dressed according to his attire, has been at the Simian Center in Florida since 2005. After the singer left the Never land Ranch, several of these animals had new homes. The fate of many of the King of Pop’s animals was unknown. Many sanctuaries collected other animals. In 2006, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals reported mistreatment at Never Land Ranch, but authorities who found no evidence of abuse or poor living conditions.

What happened to those pets after singer’s death?

The most famous of all the pets of the famous American singer is Bubbles, a chimpanzee. However, Michael took care of a wide variety of animals in his Never land park and as his pets – orangutans, exotic birds, tigers, spiders, giraffes, snakes, other reptiles, flamingos, livestock animals such as a llama and, of course, dogs. Michael Jackson acquired the primate in 1980 and has since become his “son”.

He trained and maintained it. Contrary to popular belief, Bubbles was not included in Jackson’s will and currently lives in a primate sanctuary in Florida. Jackson had two orangutans, which were his pets, but what happened to them after he passed away is unknown. As for the two tigers, Thriller and Sabu, they are now in a sanctuary outside of Los Angeles. Thriller passed away in 2012 due to lung cancer, and Sabu is now alone on the premises.

Jackson also had four giraffes. Two of them died in 2009. The other two specimens moved to an enclosure in Utah. The artist’s Amazon parrot, Ricky, was a resident of his mansion. However, the authority sends him to Colorado with other exotic birds. Gypsy, a 5,000-pound Asian elephant female, was also included in the list.

Surprisingly, what became of this huge animal is also unknown. The artist also owed several dogs: Large, Spunky, Black Girl, Shadow, and Sasha. His albino python Madonna found refuge in an Oklahoma foundation. More than a dozen Chilean flamingos from the park have been relocated to New Jersey.

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