Your Choice for the Bengal Cat: What You Can Choose

The Bengal cat, also called the Bengal cat, has unique characteristics. In addition to their appearance they really resemble wild cats, their personality also draws attention. Bengal tutors guarantee: this kitten has very developed instincts that give a special touch to the life of those who live with them.

The history of the Bengal cat

You can say that the cane cat is a relatively new breed, created in the 20th century. A direct relative of wild cat species, the Bengal has in its genetics much of the Asian leopard to whom it owes its spots on the coat and its well-marked face. The name of the Bengal is nothing more than a tribute to its origin. Prionailurus bengalensis is the scientific name for the leopard cat in Asia.

Currently, the cane cat is one of the most sought after in the United States, where there are several specialized breeders. Not very common yet in Brazil, here they also gain strength, promising to be more and more present in our country.

The Temperament of the Bengal Cat

Can be considered a hybrid of Cattery Jungle Kitten with domestic, the Bengal tends to have striking characteristics on both sides. While he is very independent, he creates bonds with the humans of his family, just as he stands out as an excellent hunter, he also loves playing indoors.

As some specimens, at the beginning of creation, were less docile than desired, today there is a well-defined pattern as to their behavior. The cane cat must be gentle and kind, showing affectionate and docile to people and other animals.

Although they originate from wild cats, they should not be the type that usually scratch or attack. On the contrary, many fathers and mothers of Bengals say that they look like dogs in some ways, often soliciting affection and attention.

Bengal Characteristics

Much is said about the ease of the Bengal Cats for sale in being polite and learning tricks. It is common, even, that the breed gets used to walking with a guide and collar on the street. Something very curious about the breed is that they have a habit of bringing objects and chasing when they are thrown, making a real mess with their tutors in this sense. It is worth remembering that the Bengal is not a typical sofa kitten like other breeds. He is more agitated and requires a lot of physical activity. Having a “gatified” house may be ideal for this pet.

Searching for a pet on the Internet can involve risks, especially in the case of wanting to buy a cat as special and expensive as the Bengal cat, so it is important that you take into account whether the seller is a professional. The ideal is to look for a cattery that gives us confidence, that is, that answers all our doubts, that is knowledgeable about Bengal cats and, if possible, that has been recommended by other breeders or by satisfied clients.

You must know that puppies need a minimum of 12 weeks with their mother before being delivered so that they do not suffer stress, their immune system develops, and they grow properly, so it is better to distrust whoever wants to accelerate this process.

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