Supplies To Have For A Cat-Friendly Home

You are excited to finally bring home the new cat. But before you do so, it is crucial to buy things that you need before you can bring them home. It would not be easy, but you should make the effort to make them feel at home and easily adjust to their new environment. That is why it is very important that you have already prepared a cat-friendly home first. To help you prepare, here are the things that you need to have.

Crate or Carrier

You’ll need a carrier or crate to get your cat home. It should be safe, durable, well-ventilated, and easy to use. It is not easy to transport a cat using a  cardboard box, especially when they are scared and apprehensive. That is why before you plan to bring your cat home, it is best that you already have a carrier or crate ready.

Bowls: Food and Water

There should be food and water bowls ready for your cat when you bring it home. It is best that you choose food and water bowls that are weighted so they don’t fall over. If you are bringing home a kitten, buy bowls that are smaller and not as deep as those used for adult cats.

Cat Food

You have the bowls ready so now, it is time to buy your cat some food. Some people give cats table food. However, it is best that you give them food specifically formulated for their needs. During the first few weeks at home, give the cat the same food every day. If you have kittens though, they need a different kind of food. Also, if you are bringing home an older cat, they may need a special diet.

Litter Box

There are different kinds of litter boxes out there that you can buy for your cat. It is important that as soon as you bring the cat home, your immediately start to potty train. This way, you will not worry about them having an accident on your carpet or couch. Choose litter boxes that clean themselves and have a tool that takes out dirty litter. Hooded litter boxes give cats privacy but remember that some cats are not comfortable with these because the hoods scare them.

Ensure that you buy everything that your cat needs from But of course, to help ease the struggle in adjusting to the new environment, take something from their previous home that they are familiar with, like their towel or toy. Having smells that remind him of home can help him adjust faster. With these everyday items and the ones mentioned, you can make your home more cat-friendly.

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