How to socialize your puppy during times of social distancing

How to Socialize Your Puppy During Social Distancing! — The Puppy Academy

Did you know that your puppy has a short window for adequate socialization with other animals or humans? Well, it is vital for their wellbeing to start socializing when they are young. It puts the basis of optimal behavior in distinct environments while preventing destructive or aggressive behaviors. Still, you might wonder how to socialize your puppy during times of social distancing. You can find the answer to this question next!

What’s the purpose of puppy socialization?

If you’re not sure this is important for your dog, you should consider the following. Professional dog trainers and behaviorists say that it is vital for our pup’s wellbeing to socialize. It means you’ll introduce your four-legged friend to new situations so that he will feel safe. The result is that your pup will gain a lot of confidence and positive experiences. Puppy socialization prevents numerous issues such as excessive fear, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior.

How to socialize a puppy during times of social distancing?

Well, even though it might be a bit difficult, you can still socialize your pup during the pandemic. All you have to do is create a routine and aim to expose your dog to numerous triggers and environments. Our dog daycare experts say that the following tips can help you!

#1 Organize safe puppy play dates or walks!

A useful thing you can do is organize safe puppy play dates or walks. Your dog will get the chance to discover how to act around other dogs while spending time outside or indoors. And using a long leash can help you keep up with social distancing rules.

#2 Create a routine and include alone time for your pup!

Staying at home means you’re spending more time with your dog. And your dog might think that this is the new routine for him. It is best to create a routine for walks and feeding times. It might also help create a space in your home for your dog to spend time alone and take naps. This will diminish the chances of separation anxiety in the future.

#3 Consider dog daycare services!

The best approach to socializing a pup during times of social distancing might be using a dog daycare service. It is an excellent opportunity for your pup to spend time away from home while socializing with fellow dogs. Besides, it can offer him access to new smells, environments, and triggers that will put the basis of a solid education.

The bottom line

Having a puppy during times of social distancing is soothing. But it would be best if you never forgot about the importance of dog socialization. Dogs are social animals, and they tend to get bored or depressed quickly. Taking your pup for long walks or leaving him at dog daycare can offer tremendous benefits for his development. It is always best to teach your dog how to behave when he’s still a puppy! 

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