CBD Oil Cat Treats: Can it Help Treat Cat Anxiety?

One of the most common concerns among cat owners is how to help their furry friend manage problems like anxiety. For some pets, it takes something traumatic to create anxiety; for others, even the slightest change in the environment or daily life can cause uncertainty and upheaval. Some owners will check behavioral therapy, and some of them will talk to professional veterinarians about using medications.

Then there are cat owners who do not know what to do. Whether it is an ongoing situational or generalized anxiety, people want their pets happy and healthy. The increasing popularity of CBDO or Cannabidiol oil has resulted in more owners turning to this product for their furry friends to help them with their behavioral problems, as well as manage their physical pain.

Though Cannabidiol or CBD market is causing a buzz, it is not yet backed by scientific researches and the claims that companies make usually lack scientific substantiation. Despite these issues, people are encouraged by informal evidence and are purchasing Cannabidiol products. Is CBDO for felines a miracle cure for anxiety? Based on all unscientific success stories, a lot of people would certainly think so, but it is not that simple.

What is Cannabidiol oil?

Cannabidiol is a component derived from cannabis. To be deemed CBD, the oil needs to contain less than 0.3% of THC or Tetrahydrocannabidol, the active component of cannabis that makes the user “high.” Therefore, cannabidiol does not cause psychoactive reactions. The fact that this product can have helpful effects without the psychoactive side effects that cannabis is known for makes it pretty appealing to pet owners when it comes to giving it to their cats.

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Is CBDO safe for cats?

The problem is that the market is still pretty new and not yet adequately regulated or government and third-party organizations tested the product for safety. It may be pretty challenging for owners to be very sure of what they are purchasing. How do people know that the products they are giving to their pets are properly labeled?

With regulated vet medications, professionals have accurate information when it comes to potential side effects, proper dosages, toxicity levels, length of treatment, and contraindications. With cannabidiol, there are inconsistencies in data, as well as whether the CBDO in the product is of excellent quality.

Depending on where the product is purchased, there is always the risk of having no CBDO contained in the product. Depending on the manufacturer’s facility, consumers cannot be certain the cannabidiol oil is free of any known contaminants. Improper formulating and handling of these products that contain high amounts of THC or Tetrahydrocannabidol can be very lethal to animals like dogs or cats.

The risks of using CBDO in felines

Besides, there is another primary concern when it comes to using these products. Some owners may diagnose their pets by themselves and will try to bypass the vets. Skipping the visitation to the veterinary clinic and not getting the right diagnosis can be dangerous to cats. It may lead to further complications, or worse, the death of their pets. An underlying medical condition may cause stress and anxiety.

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Although cats may show significant improvements when cannabidiol oils are used, it may not work if the reasons for their anxiety are relationship problems with other felines, changes in their home environment, or other potential stressors. Suppressing behavioral issues is not the same as identifying the issue, understanding it, and resolving it.

Effective and safe ways to treat anxiety in felines

If cats seem stressed or anxious, the first thing to do is to bring the pet in the vet’s clinic to get examined by a certified veterinarian. Do not assume an issue is strictly behavioral before ruling out possible underlying medical conditions. Some ways to help ease the cat’s anxiety include:

Hiding places – Hiding is an essential coping mechanism for felines. Give them some hiding options in the house. It includes boxes, A-frame beds, paper bags with no handles, cat tunnels, or cubbies. It will provide ways for the pets to calm down and feel invisible.

Interactive playtime – Play is more than just fun and exercise. It is an important therapy and can help release valuable and beneficial neurotransmitters. Make sure to engage them in at least two play sessions per day. Use fishing pole-kinds of toys and move it from side to side to imitate prey, to allow the feline to pounce, stalk, and capture.

Food puzzles

The puzzles are another excellent way to exercise the cat’s natural hunting instincts. These puzzle feeders need to be difficult, but not frustrating so that it will maintain its fun factor. Pet owners can stuff, puzzle feeders with low-calorie and tasty treats to keep them engaged with this activity. As with the playtime, food puzzles can also help release important neurotransmitters in the body.

Reduce aggression towards other cats

Reduce tension and anxiety between cats by creating environments where they do not have to compete for toys, food, or resting place. Some examples that can help people do this include increasing locations and the number of litter boxes, providing more resting locations, feeding them separately, providing more scratching posts, and including elevated perches.

Quality time together

Owners may be considered as the most effective reducer of stress and anxiety in their pets. Spend a lot of quality time with them in ways they enjoy. Some pets love having close contact with their owners or family members. Other cats prefer being nearby while the owners are watching television or working in front of the computer. Cats that are left alone too much can develop stress or anxiety.

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Cannabidiol may be very promising, but as of the moment, there have not been enough research and scientific studies behind it. But we believe that because of modern technology and people fighting for the legalization of cannabis in the entire country, sooner or later scientific studies will verify the effectiveness of these products and the safety of CBD-laced treats for cat’s consumption.


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