Canary Bird: What You Need to Know

The canary bird is small and colorful. It’s also known as the Canary finch, an indigenous songbird from the Canary Islands. It’s known for its beautiful singing voice and has been a popular pet to many for over five centuries. Although the canary is a singing bird, only the male sings. The initial canary breeding records are dated back to the 17th century when they were bred in captivity for their singing abilities.

Characteristics of the Canary Bird

Spanish sailors first discovered Canary birds in the Canary Islands in the 15th century. The sailors then brought the birds back to Europe as pets, and they soon became famous thanks to their beautiful singing voices. Here are the characteristics of the Canary birds. 

Size and Life

The Canaries are tiny and come in different colors and they can live up to 10 years. The males mostly use their melodious voice to attract females to mate, while females have a simpler, quieter voice. 


Caring for the canary bird is easy, which is why it makes for a great pet for pet beginners. They need a clean cage, fresh water, and food supply daily. Their diet should be high-quality, consisting of seed mix, vegetables, and fresh fruits. Additionally, you should provide your canary bird with plenty of fresh air and natural light. Although canaries are in the Finch family, they are not social creatures. They are territorial and should be kept in cages alone, apart from during the breeding season.


Breeding of the canary bird is a popular hobby among bird lovers. It would help to have a male and female pair in a cage and a nest box to breed canaries. The Canaries mostly breed in the summer months. The female lays about four eggs that hatch in about two weeks. 

The chicks fledge in about 3-4 weeks; after which they should be removed from the breeding cage after weaning. During breeding, ensure that you provide the pair with a nutritious diet, lots of clean water, and a clean cage to ensure they’re healthy and the offspring too. 


Canaries depend on a flight to move around; you should minimize clutter in their cage to allow free movement and perching. A canary bird doesn’t need many enrichment materials, but a single toy in its cage will do. A birdbath is good for exercise, and you can also provide a swing or bells as a treat. If you’re a novice bird owner, let the bird out of the cage once daily, but only when it’s accustomed to you. The canaries only need about an hour to fly around, and you must supervise them outside the cage. 

Facts about the Canary Bird

Wealthy people owned canaries since they could afford the beautiful singing little bird. Coal workers in the mines also used the canary bird to warn them of toxic fumes, and it’s the inspiration behind the Loony Tunes. Here are major facts about the canary bird you should know about.

  • They belong to the Finch family but are not social and are best left alone. 
  • As a small bird, it does not mean a minor mess. The canaries spend most of their time flying and can cause a mess all over. Additionally, they also produce a lot of dropping and feathers. 
  • Canaries don’t climb a lot since they lack features like a hooked bill, meaning they fly a lot.
  • The Canaries aren’t social, meaning they don’t need to socialize with humans too. Pet owners should know that holding the canary bird can make it die from fright.
  • Canaries are suitable for first-time bird owners since they can research everything they need to know about them. 

Pros and Cons of Owning a Canary Bird

Canary can be wild or domesticated which you can buy from a pet store. The wild one is greenish yellow on most of the body with yellow underparts. However, the domestic canary has many colors thanks to selective breeding. Here are the pros and cons of owning a canary bird.


  • Canaries aren’t expensive.
  • A colorful and good singer.
  • Perfect bird for a pet beginner.
  • It can be trained to fly toward the owner.


  • Not a hands-on bird
  • A least needy pet bird
  • Small sized


The canary bird is a popular pet thanks to its melodious voice and colorful appearance. They’re relatively easy to care for and also make great pets for beginners. If canaries sound like a pet you wish to have, do your research and enjoy taking care of it to ensure it’s healthy. With proper care and attention, canaries are wonderful pets that can love for over a decade. 


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