Why Do Dogs Do That?

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Dog owners would wonder many times, why their dogs do certain things. Your dogs may pee on things frequently making you lose your cool. Even though you feed them well, you may find them eating grass sometimes.

Chasing cars, licking people and making them uncomfortable, and begging for food even after eating are things dogs do. Why do dogs do that? This is a question on every dog owner’s mind. 

We answer this question for you. We tell you all the things that dogs do with an explanation of why they do it. This guide would be very useful for dog lovers.

Things Dogs Do and Their Explanation

1) Chasing Cars

Dogs chasing cars is quite old stuff. Your well-behaved dog may suddenly start chasing a moving car making you wonder what happened. Chasing cars is a behavior exhibited by most dogs. Chasing a moving object is a natural instinct since dogs are essentially predators that have been domesticated. It is normal behavior and there is nothing to worry about.

2) Eating Grass

Some dogs eat grass. This doesn’t happen always but occasionally. There are two possible reasons. One is that grass may have medicinal properties that can cure tummy aches in dogs. If your dog is eating grass, it could be due to a tummy ache. The other reason is that certain types of grass are delicious for your pooch. If you see your dog doing this very frequently, consulting the vet is a good idea.

3) Peeing on car tires and other spots

The behavior of dogs and other carnivorous animals peeing on objects is known as marking. In the wild, animals mark their territories by peeing on objects within the said territory. This is to let other animals know the territory is theirs. Your dog follows this behavior by instinct and pees on vertical objects to mark them.

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4) Chasing its tail

Puppies chasing their tails can be very adorable. But it would have made you wonder why they do so. Younger dogs do it because they are still not adept at motor skills and are curious about their tails. If older dogs do it, the reason could be to entertain you. Dogs are very smart and know such behavior makes you laugh. However, if it happens frequently it could be due to fleas or some other reason. You can then talk to your vet about it.

5) Licking people

Dogs jumping on people and licking their faces is quite common. Some people love this behavior and see it as a sign of affection. There are others who can feel irritated. Licking for dogs is like touching. They are doing so to feel you and understand you better. Usually, licking is a sign of affection.

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6) Begging for food

You would have fed your dog and then sat down for dinner. So, it would be irritating to see your dog begging you for food. When it happens in front of guests, you may feel angry at this behavior. Your dog is not doing this because it is starving or because it is greedy. It is behavior the dog has learned. It knows begging will give results in the form of tasty snacks. You can discourage this behavior when your dog is still a puppy. 

7) Running after pooping

Once your dog finishes pooping, you may observe it running around in excitement. This behavior could be because the dog was holding it in for a long time. It probably is relieved and running around because it feels good.

8) Licking their hind regions

Some people feel disgusted when they see their dogs licking their butts. It looks terribly unhygienic and they may worry that there is some problem with their dog. You must know this is normal behavior among dogs. It is a part of the grooming behavior. Licking is grooming. Just as cats do elaborate grooming, so do dogs. They lick their hind regions to get rid of any feces stuck there. While you may feel disgusted, it is normal behavior for dogs.

9) Humping your leg or other objects

A behavior that can really make you embarrassed is when your dog attempts to mate with your leg or any other object. You may think the dog is in heat and trying to mate. But this is unlikely to be the case. This is an attention-seeking behavior of your dog. When younger dogs do it the reason could be hormonal. But in more cases, it is a case of your dog inviting your attention and asking you to play.

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10) Chewing of sticks

You may observe your dog chewing on sticks when you take it outside. This is not a problem because your dog is merely chewing on the stick and not eating it. This is an inherited behavior from its ancestors who would chew on bones. It is mostly harmless. If your dog is actually eating the stick, then there could be some other problem. If this continues, you should take the dog to a vet.

11) Dropping to the ground after spotting another dog

When you take your dog for a walk, you may observe it dropping to the ground with an arched back when it spots another dog. This behavior may surprise you. Probably you would think this to be an aggressive behavior and worry if your dog is going to attack. This is not the case. Your dog is in the mood for play and inviting the other dog to play with it. By dropping down, it is showing a non-threatening gesture.

12) Sleeping on its back

Dogs generally curl up and sleep. You may observe your dog sleeping on its back like humans with its paws in the air. This is a behavior that is likely to surprise you. Your dog is doing this because it feels safe and content. Dogs sleep belly down, so they are ready to defend themselves if attacked. If they are sleeping on their back, it is an indication of comfort and safety.

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