What Is The Difference Between A Guard Dog And A Protection Dog?

There is often a misconception when it comes to the distinction between a guard dog and a protection dog. For those without the knowledge, they can both seem like the same dog and if you are looking for a guard dog or a protection dog, it doesn’t really matter what you end up buying does it? 

It does make a difference though, and if you are looking for a dog to help you with specific requirements then the best thing you can do is speak with a company that trains and sells protection dogs. That way you can find out the best approach you should take and how to find the perfect companion for your needs and that of your family. Choosing the wrong dog or the wrong type of dog training could be a disaster.

A protection dog is a type of dog that is meant for a family situation and is trained to protect and defend its family in any situation which it feels is threatening. A guard dog on the other hand, is trained to be a working dog and not a pet that also protects its family. You can also find dogs that have been trained to be alarm dogs, sentry dogs or attack dogs. 

What are the best breeds when looking for family protection dogs for sale?

It is important to realise that although there are some breeds of dog that are naturally better at performing as guard dogs, any dog can be trained to be a guard dog. When it comes to a family protection dog though, there are only a few breeds that are intelligent enough to be successful when trained. A dog that is trained to be a family protection dog must have discipline, be a loyal dog, and have the perfect temperament.

What does protection dog training entail?

There is a big difference between the training a dog will complete to become a protection dog, compared with the training for a guard dog. A guard dog is trained to stay put in a particular property or even a precise part of a property. It stands guard and is trained to alert the owner if there is an intruder or attack on the property. 

A protection dog is trained to a high level of loyalty and obedience. It will only act on your command. It is unlikely that a family protection dog will attack and bite an intruder, but if it does, it will hurt, as the dog is trained that this should be a last resort. 

Looking for a dog to become part of the family is a big decision to make. There are many different breeds of dog, as well as dogs that have been trained for different needs and requirements. If you are looking for a family protection dog, then you need to speak to specialists in the field. There are some amazing dog training services that have courses available to train protection dogs, as well as selling family protection dogs to those who need assistance straight away. There is a difference between a guard dog and a protection dog, and it makes sense to find out this difference before choosing the right type of dog for your needs.

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