The Three Exciting Things You Need to Know About Calico Tabbies

Pets are domesticated animals that we can live with for the rest of our lives. No matter what happens, these are the kind of animals that will give us unconditional love. Once you provide them with the care and love they need, they will be loyal to you until the end of time. And one of these animals is cats, which are famous all over the world. For hundreds of years, cats have always been in the picture. So it’s no surprise they continue to reign over our household and our hearts.

Cats come in a wide variety of breeds and colorations. When a domesticated cat is black with white on the front, it’s called a Tuxedo cat. And if it’s all orange, it’s called a Tabby cat. When you hear these terms, these are not a breed. Rather, they are just the colorations and markings of the cat. Another popular coloration and marking, which are orange and black markings, are called Calico Tabby cats. So if you want to know more about them, read on below!

Most Calico Tabby Cats are Female

The orange and black patches that you see in calico tabby cats are because of the X-chromosome, which is typically the genes found in females. And like humans, female cats have two X-chromosomes, and male cats have one X-chromosome and one Y-chromosome. And it’s usually on one X-chromosome that you’ll find either the black or orange coloration. You won’t find both, which is why it’s very rare to find a male calico tabby cat. However, they do exist, which is because of a condition called Klinefelter’s syndrome. That means they have one extra X-chromosome.

Calico Tabby Cats are Good Luck Charms

Japan is one of the countries with strong beliefs, and that includes lucky charms. And when it comes to lucky charms, cats are included. And calico tabby cats are considered to be good luck charms, which is why you always find a figure of a cat with one paw up and a Japan coin in its mouth. That’s why many families in Japan will own a calico cat because of their beliefs that it brings them good luck. Aside from that, sailors often take calico cats aboard their ships in hopes that the cats will bring them good fortune. 

Calico Cats are part of the “Tortoiseshell” Cats

Tortoiseshell cats are referred to as cats with a coloration of primarily black with red spots all around them. But some colors can get in the mix, such as white. And if it does, they are automatically referred to as calico cats. So as you can already notice, a calico tabby cat is not as simple as they are. They are white with color patches of orange, red, and black. They have the letter M on their foreheads, making them one of the most beautifully-marked and colored cats among ang other color combos.

The Bottomline

Whatever the color of your cats is, just make sure that you take good care of them. They are one of the most extraordinary and loving domesticated pets, which are pretty intelligent. Calico tabby cats are very unique, and many people have beliefs surrounding this coloration. So if you own one, you’re one of the lucky ones! But overall, all cats are unique in their own way.

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