The right Quantity of water for the Dog: What is It?

Your companion leaves his bowl of water? Don’t worry too soon. This is not always a serious problem. However, if your dog is drinking less than usual or no longer drinking, it is important to understand why. But Why Won’t my dog drink water? Wondering that? Here are the things you need to know.

My Dog ​​Is Not Drinking, What Should I Do?

If your dog does not want to drink, there are several things to check or do so that your pet does not suffer from dehydration:

  • Check the state of the water in his bowl: The water must be changed regularly to stay clean and fresh. Don’t forget that your pooch has a sense of smell 40 times better than yours. The water may seem dirty to him and have an unsuitable smell. Investing in a water fountain can be the solution, it encourages the dog to drink more and the water is constantly filtered.
  • If you usually give him tap water, try changing to spring water not mineral. Indeed, and especially in large cities, tap water is treated with chlorine and your pet may not like the smell.
  • You can also offer him wet food or moisten his croquettes.
  • Offer water in other forms: ice cubes, seedless watermelon, gelled water. All means are good to get your doggie to drink.
  • If your dog is older, it may become difficult for him to drink. Help it by hydrating it with an eyedropper or syringe.

Why Is My Dog ​​Not Drinking?

There could be several reasons why your dog is not drinking. What are the most common causes?

Anxiety or stress: many reasons can generate stress or anxiety in the dog, and suddenly your companion can avoid drinking.

He is afraid of his bowl: and yes it can happen. Even if your dog was drinking without any problem, it could happen without your knowledge that he made a bad association when he was drinking.

He is in pain: Your dog may be suffering from oral problems, which is characteristic of a dog who refuses to drink since it prevents him from moving his mouth and feeling pain.

Your dog is old: as he gets older, the feeling of thirst may lessen. He moves less, feels less thirsty.

It is important to remember that the greatest danger for your dog who does not want to drink is dehydration. The canine organism decomposes in very few hours without water, which puts the animal in danger of death.

How Do I Know If My Dog ​​Is Drinking Enough?

To check that your companion is getting enough hydration, you have to take into account his weight, his physical activity, the outside temperature and whether he eats a lot or not. To know if your dog is drinking enough, check his skin: as for us, it must be elastic. You can also insure it based on its weight. Your pooch should drink between 60 and 70 ml of water per kilo. To do this, you can measure the amount of water consumed by filling its bowl with a measuring cup.


There are several reasons your dog may refuse to drink. You know him well, watch him. If his behavior seems abnormal to you and if despite your attempts you are unable to get him to drink you need to take him to the veterinarian without delay. You will thus have the assurance of the state of health of your animal by following the advice of the canine health professional.

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