The lifeguarding Heartgard for dogs

A dog is a loyal friend and pet. Many dog lovers go to great extent to protect their pet. Heartworms are one such condition from which the pet needs protection. It s a serious-condition left unnoticed can take away your pets life. It is a worm that can spread and cause difficulties for your dog. That is why there is an excellent solution that is Heartgard for dogs.

It is the best solution for intestinal worms. Many clinicians prescribe it for the dogs suffering from this condition. There are no side effects of this medicine. The Heartgard is an oral treatment that can fix this situation without pain or any discomfort. Let us take a look at this solution and its benefits.

The heartworm health condition

Heartworm is easily treatable but expensive to cure. The increasing heartworm condition in dogs has made the cure for it expensive. However, there is one noble product that is safe and available for a fair price that is the Heartgard for dogs.

The heartworms mainly infect the dogs through a mosquito bite. The mosquito carries harmful heartworm larva, when injected into a dog grows in its intestine. This worm can grow up to 7 inches and remain for 5 to 7years in a dog. Wi8thin this period it can cause several symptoms. Safeguard your pet from this by getting the best Heartgard for your dog.

The description of Heartgard

  • Heartgard is a beef flavour tablet that can protect your dog from heartworm, hookworm and roundworm. It is a treatment that is prescribed for at least 12 months for the dog. After heartworm checkups, you can start to give your canine this treatment. This monthly chew is prescribed only for infected dogs.
  • The Heartgard tablet comes in different packs. It is available by the dog’s age and weight. Before selecting a pack you need to weigh your dog to pick the pack that falls under its age category. This solution is suitable for dogs above six weeks.
  • The active ingredients in the tablet are Pyrantel Pamoate and Ivermectin. It is in the chewable form. The medicine starts working by eliminating the parasites that form into heartworms. Also, it kills the roundworm and heartworms in the pet’s intestine. It is an exceptional product that can treat your pet effortlessly.

The merits of this medication

  • The medicine is to be taken by mouth. Its beef flavour makes it easy to administer it to the dog. Your dog may not know that it is a medicine. It may think of it as a treat.
  • The heartworms and parasites can cause an infestation in your dog. Anaemia, weight loss, loss of appetite and fatigue. This infection can cause some severe blood loss on puppies. However, it took the Heartgard earlier then you can save the life of your pet.
  • It is the best medicine available for the dogs suffering from this situation. It is safe for us medicine for pregnant dogs. A single dose can protect your dog for 30 days. With continuous medication, the entire harmful parasite in your dog’s intestine can vanish.
  • Make sure that your pet chews the medicine well. If you give this medicine with wet food then the dog might swallow it. You can give it with dry god food so that your pet nicely chews the medicine.

Get the prescription and give your dog the Heartgard to prevent the disease. The bets Heartgard are dogs are available here.

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