The Essential Phases Of Residential Dog Training

To get the best possible results when it comes to your dog’s training, you need to understand the different phases of residential dog training. This will help you measure your dog’s progress and make it easier to adjust any of the various aspects of his training programme. And, while every dog has their own learning pace, being able to track your dog’s performance during each stage of the training process can be incredibly effective.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a look at the essential phases of residential dog training. Let’s get started:

Teaching Phase- during the teaching phase of your dog’s residential dog training, you have to show your dog what you want him to do. Every time he successfully completes a task, you give him a reward or treat. Your dog doesn’t get the treat if he doesn’t perform the specific task. Soon, your dog will follow commands without getting a treat, which means that he is ready for the next phase.

Training Phase- during the training phase of your dog’s training, your dog will show that he understands commands and obeys them easily. You will use mostly verbal and hand commands to direct your dog and work on sharpening his response time. Be sure to give your dog the opportunity to correct his behaviour or posture if he is having a difficult time with a particular command. Show him your approval when he does something properly, and never yell at him to correct his behaviour.

Proofing Phase- during the proofing phase of your dog’s residential dog training, you will focus on proving that your dog can do all of the commands and tricks you require of him, anywhere and anytime. You can do this just about anywhere including a park, neighbour’s house, beach or school playground. As long as it is in an unfamiliar place which your dog has not performed any aspect of his training. The unfamiliar sights, smells and noises will help you ensure that your dog is properly trained and will follow your commands.

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