Pet Care 101: Keeping Your Furry Friend Happy And Healthy

Being a pet parent comes with its fair share of challenges, though there are countless moments of joy and warmth with your fur babies. There are also periods of utmost struggle and confusion regarding pet care responsibilities, especially for those who have recently adopted and are unversed in the tips and tricks of tending to their little furry friends. Apart from providing a safe and secure environment and timely meals like pedigree puppy food to your pets, these are the following ways in which you can contribute to their absolute well-being and prosperity:

  1. Timely veterinary care: Unlike humans, cats and dogs have short lives. So, it is essential to maintain the practice of routine health check-ups for them, if not twice, at least once a year apart from the regular vaccination. It can be pretty challenging taking those “paw-some paws” out of their comfy confinement, but with the right tricks, that can be achieved easily.

For dogs who love going on rides, giving them frequent joy rides helps because they can happily hop in for the vet visit, assuming it is fun. For cats, it becomes more challenging as they hate traveling; managing them safely in their carrier is the only way. If we are mindful of what we are feeding them, the pain of visiting vets often can be eliminated.

  1. Secure their identity: Pets going missing nowadays is the most dreaded situation for a pet parent and family. Just imagine how they will survive without their usual  royal canin maxi starter or any other food they are fond of. So, one should always adopt concrete preventive measures to protect those little beings. A collar with an informative tag is always necessary to be wrapped around their necks and to further safeguard them, microchipping can also be used. We cannot rely on collars and tags because, in unthinkable situations, they might be scrapped off or fall. So, a rice grain size chip can be implanted under their skin, which has all the details of a pet owner, and the scanner can read it.
  1. Spaying & Neutering: These are the terms used for the sterilization of cats and dogs, respectively, as responsible pet owners; these are the ways through which you can protect them from a host of health-related problems. For cats removing their uterus minimizes the scope of different forms of cancer and prevents them from straying away in search of partners. Similarly, neutering dogs will prevent them from becoming aggressive and roaming in the neighborhood and protect them from testicular cancer.

Other skin and health issues should also be monitored in a timely manner, such as treating the fleas and ticks by medicines like bravecto which is easy to administer.

  1. Healthy eating habits: Just like humans, food is their fuel; providing them with fresh food and cool water in a timely manner is the bare minimum expected from a pet owner. Their food type and quantity also should be monitored depending on their age, breed, health conditions, activity level, and other factors. Right food with a balanced proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and fats and ostopet medication will enhance their physical and mental health.
  1. Frequent grooming: Pets with bushy tails and shiny eyes always look attractive; brushing their teeth, combing their coats, and providing them with essential hair and skin care products like supercoat syrup are a few ways to keep them in good shape. Online grooming services can also be hired where expert professionals with the required products can visit your place and give them a relaxing spa session.

For the unconditional love our pets shower on us, these are the ways to acknowledge that love and loyalty from them. Investing a little time and effort in our pet care routine will enhance their lifestyle and make them healthy and happy.

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