Here are the EIGHT cutest small dogs for your apartment

Do you live in an apartment or are you a big fan of small dogs? Then this list is for you. We have selected the EIGHT cutest and most beloved puppies of all time, so you know everything about each of these little puppies.

French bulldog

Known as Frenchie, this dog is a darling. Standard height is 35 cm, and standard weight is 9 to 14 kg. It is a super loved option for a small shorthaired dog. The French bulldog is lively, loves to play with its owners and show affection. He does not bark often and is a bit stubborn. This French dog breed requires care especially with breathing and heat. Go and get your Lilac French bulldogs for sale now.

Shih Tzu

It is a super furry and fluffy dog. The Shih Tzu is able to conquer any heart with its quietest and most affectionate way. He adapts very well to apartments and loves to be accompanied by the owners. It is an extremely docile dog breed, originally from China. In terms of health, it is an animal more susceptible to allergies and dermatitis. 

Yorkshire terrier

Certainly one of the most exciting small dog breeds. This dog lives well in apartments, having a cheerful and playful behavior, which can be a good option for those who have children. Although furry, they do not tend to shed a lot of hair around the house, which is great! Some of them bark a lot.


How can we forget the Hutch Dog? The Pug is that chubby animal with conquering eyes. This small dog is super adaptable to living in apartments, enjoying walking and receiving attention, although he is a short breather. Originating in China, the main health problems of this breed are respiratory and obesity.


We have adored another shorthaired small dog breed on the list, the Pinscher for quite some time. It has an agitated and defensive temperament, which can be reflected in a dog used to barking. Although he is great for apartments, he is not considered a calm dog, which should be taken into account when buying a new dog.


It is a small and furry dog ​​that does not usually shed a lot of hair around the house, although it needs constant pet shop care to keep its hair up to date. The Maltese breed is restless and can bark a lot. Due to its temperament, it could be a small guard dog, always ready to defend its owners.


The Chihuahua is ideal for anyone who wants a dog so small that it almost looks like an eternal puppy. These small dogs are cute and affectionate, making them great for company. They may not really enjoy interacting with people they do not know. This breed is suitable for staying in apartments, not being very tolerant of cold or heat.


It is a lively and playful dog, suitable for those who have time to dedicate themselves. It is a great company for children, adapting very well to apartments. He has a reputation for being stubborn. As for your health, the main care is usually to avoid obesity and treat possible otitis.

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