Few Symptoms that Indicate it is Time to Put Your Dog Down

Pets are something everyone cherishes. Dogs are friendlier, active, energetic, expressive, and the best listeners. However, there is just one problem. Dogs have a smaller life span than humans.

Either they pass away or we have to put them down. Putting them down is an extremely brutal process, but sometimes it is for the betterment of the pet. This process is called euthanasia. This isn’t done to make money or for the benefit of the owner, but it is done to help the dog, who is suffering from pain due to incurable disease and there is no relief available.

Zen Dog Veterinary Care PLLC is a holistic Veterinary Care. To improve the life span of pets, they provide therapies, acupuncture Chinese herbal medicine, and canine rehabilitation. They serve areas like New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, and Westchester. They also help in planning and making decisions for in home euthanasia to reduce the time for doing all paperwork.

Euthanasia should be used when the dog is suffering a lot. The owner should not hang on with their pet for their selfish needs if they see them suffering. A dog should have a life that is full of energy, fun, healthy body with lots of love and attention and above all with no pain.

There are many reasons to put your dog down. You should know the right time to say goodbye. It might be devastating, but if you see these symptoms in your dog, then you should make up your mind to euthanize the dog –

  • You may observe some changes in your dog’s behavior he or she might get aggressive, sluggish, aloof, fatigue or hides for long time. This doesn’t mean that all dogs who show behavioral changes need euthanasia, but before making this decision check with their vet if they’re suffering from some other mental problems.
  • When dogs are in pain, they either cry or whine or becoming impatient and aggressive. If they have mood swings, you might want to take them to a vet.
  • Normally, owners remember their pet’s eating, drinking, shitting, and peeing habits. If you see certain changes in their daily routine, try making changes by consulting with a vet, if it still doesn’t work then get them checked.
  • When your dog is terminally ill, then they will show signs of fatigue, inability to move, or weakness. This is the emergency that we’re talking about.
  • If your dog isn’t enjoying the same activities and is generally scared or hides, then it may be signs of dementia or canine cognitive dysfunction.

When to put your dog down?

There are times when you have to make unbiased decisions keeping in mind the dog quality of life. If the vet suggests that it is time to say goodbye then you shouldn’t let your dog suffer much. Euthanasia can be performed at home or the vet’s office. Euthanasia is performed wither with pills or injections because natural deaths in dogs take a long time which can be more painful.

Dogs are the best friends a person can ever have. It can impact you mentally, therefore seeking help from a vet clinic is the best decision.

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