Few Hamster Care Tips for Beginners

People who love pets know that there cannot be anything cuter than a pet hamster. If you are planning to get one or have recently bought a hamster at your place, these tips are sure to be useful. 

  • Choose a comfortable habitat

While buying a suitable safe home for your pet, you must explore a wide range of options like accessories, colours, tubes, etc. Make sure the bedding is such that they are burrow in. 

  • Put their habitat in the right place

If you have bought hamster cages for your new guests at home, place them inside your house, but keep them away from chaos and confusion. Hamsters will love to be in the middle of things but can stress out by loud noises. Keep them in a moderate temperature-controlled environment. 

  • Cover their habitat with a light cloth for the first few days

When the hamster starts to live in your house, everything is new to it. Give it time to know the new place and get acquainted with it. Place a light cotton cloth and cover the cage. 

  • Don’t feed the same food every day 

Think out of the box when it comes to feeding. Your hamster appreciates a mixed diet just like humans. Give them small pieces of carrots, berries, pears, cucumbers, squash, broccoli, etc. 

  • Clean and wash your hamster’s space regularly

Keep their space clean. Make sure it’s comfortable. Only then will your hamster be happy and playful. Also, don’t create undue stress by cleaning it now and then. 

  • Place a new bedding weekly

Once every week, clean the entire habitat with soap and clean water. Clean all toys, bedding, and other items present in the cage. This will ensure that your hamster’s cage smells good. 

Hamsters need care just like any other animal. You must play with them and pick them up in both hands and cuddle with them. However, be careful otherwise they might slip away through your hands. These pets are nocturnal. So, let your hamster take enough rest during the daytime. Nowadays guinea pig cages and hamster cages are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Choose from a variety of options and bring the best one for your new pet! 

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