Dog skin bones: is it safe or does it hurt dogs?

Bones, and chewing things in leather are very popular, but are they safe, or are they bad for your dog? Especially for the French bull dog, owners often ask are rawhide chews dangerous for Frenchies? Well, it is both. Learn which skin bones are better than others, and some alternative choices.

What is that?

As the name suggests, it is the skin, or coat of an animal. The coat is scraped of all traces of muscle tissue, and the fat and hair are also removed. The skin can come from any animal, but most of the time it is bovine, or equine. The skin is not cooked, but dried, and shaped to form a bone, or any other shape. These rewards are available in various sizes, and have added flavours like chicken, and beef to make them even more palatable for the Frenchie dog.

Are skin bones good for dogs?

There is no denying that dogs love to chew, and it has been shown that dogs that are given suitable chewable rewards have teeth with less plaque, and tartar, and have more breath as a result of the lower presence of bacteria in the mouth. Chewing is also good for dogs, because there is no denying the pleasure they receive from having a tasty chewing reward. Giving them something they are allowed to chew on could also have advantages by protecting your valuables such as shoes and furniture from the attentions of a bored dog.

Is it safe for dogs?

Huge quantities of these dog snacks are consumed worldwide every day. The number of dogs that have problems as a result is small in comparison, but the risks should not be ignored, and you can minimize them, and safeguard your pet’s health as far as possible.

Avoid bacterial contamination – This is a risk for which something can be done about it. Keep the rewards in a cool, dry, airtight container before use. Wash your hands after giving one to your dog, and be sure to remove and throw the prize once the dog has grown tired of chewing.

Avoid digestion problems – Due to the process of making the skin for chewing items, chemicals are often used in the liquid to absorb the skin so that the hair can be removed more easily. Traces of these chemicals can remain in the finished product, and cause digestive irritations, and diarrhoea.


For those of us who have concerns, there are safer alternatives. If in doubt, ask the vet for a recommendation based on his knowledge of your dog’s breed, the type, and temperament and any problematic cases resulting from chewing on treated skin. Buy genuine French Bulldog Pajamas online in affordable rates.

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