Basics Training of a Dog

At what age can I train my new dog?


Start puppy potty training Marina Del Rey, CA when you bring it home. Dogs begin to learn from birth, and good breeders immediately begin socializing and handling. You may train your puppy as the dog opens its eyes and begins to walk. Young dogs are less focused, but they start learning simple commands like sitting and staying at 7 to 8 weeks of age. Formal training of a dog is traditionally postponed until the dog is six months old. It is the wrong time to start this phase of adolescence. As the dog is learning every day and this training delay means that the dog loses the learning opportunity like how you would like him to be. During adolescence, the dog begins to strengthen adult behavior and develops through the period of fear. He may need to change the behaviors he learned at puppyhood age. Also, anything that has already been incorrectly learned will need to be re-teach. Dogs have the potential to learn a great deal from an early age.

Dog boots are essential if you want your dog to be a good citizen. They keep your dog’s nails from scratching your floors, and they protect your dog’s feet from the cold and from getting cut on things like glass or metal. You can find dog boots at most pet stores, or you can order them online.

How to start food lure training?

It is essential to encourage the dog to do most of the work; food pieces or a toy can be used for this purpose. If the reward is appealing enough, like a toy, the puppy may be prompted to respond by showing the reward, giving the command, and passing the reward to get the desired outcome.

Like, holding the food over the nose of the dog and slowly moving it backward should respond ‘sit’; food placed on the floor should include the response in ‘down’; brought up food should get an answer in ‘stand.’ If the food is kept at some distance, it should get a response as ‘come.’ And when you walk, food placed on your thigh should get a response in ‘follow.’ By associating a command with the action and rewarding each response, the dog quickly learns each commands action.

How often should I command the dog?

Command a phrase once, and then to move the dog to act, you can use your food. Once the dog is done, add a loving pat and verbal praise, which is done to appreciate and motivate.

If the dog doesn’t obey your first command immediately, chances are you’re proceeding quickly. If you repeat the command several times, the dog will know that many repetitions are acceptable before obeying. Strapping can help get a quick response if the dog doesn’t follow. In early training, the dog does not become aware of the word. So you can teach your dog to sit with the word bananas as quickly as you can with the word sit. It is vital to link the word, like placing the hind end on the floor in sit example.

When can I socialize my dog?

You may socialize your dog as you get him and often at seven weeks old. Dogs naturally adapt to new people, other species, and during the socialization period, the dog introduces to new conditions, which occur between the ages of 7 and 14 to 16 weeks. Various introductions during this period provide positive memories for a lifetime. During this time, dogs are passionate and interested so take advantage of this interest.


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