The right diet selection to feed to your pet diet Sulcata Turtles

The moment you are having Sulcata tortoise, it is important to select the right type of diet. This is important as not all tortoise will not eat the same diet. You have to keep in mind that Sulcata tortoise is believed to eat a diet that is rich in fiber and calcium but very low in proteins.

These are a freshwater tortoise and a lot for care in the diet has to be taken. These tortoises are also known to live in freshwater habitats and mostly prefer a rich fresh grassy diet. These are amphibians that mostly are considered as grazers.

Important points to consider

There are certain points that you have to keep in mind. Some such points are mentioned here below.

  • The tortoise is very dull amphibians and so in most cases, only a grassy diet should be offered to them.
  • You can also try and include certain varieties of flowering plants and weeds along with succulents.
  • Other animal products and fish meat should be avoided as these are not the recommended diet.

During summer season

You can check online for a diet for sulcata tortoise and see a complete list that can be selected to feed your pet tortoise. If you have a backyard then during the summer season you can allow the tortoise to graze on their own in your backyard.

Tortoise is small pets that like to be left alone when grazing. If you don’t have a backyard then you can select freshly cut grass and then feed to your pet tortoise.

Winter season

During winters you have to be extra cautious. This is also the season when the grass is not growing n most grasslands. This is when you will have to take precautions on your own. During winters you can also purchase grass from any leading pet store. There are also many stores online that sell quality grass for a cheap price.

Dry grass

When you look around you will also come across stores that sell quality dry weed and grass. This can be purchased to feed the tortoise. Apart from this you can also try and mix an extra amount of calcium to the cut grass. If you are efficient then you can try and prepare a soil mix that is rich in calcium content.

Sulcata tortoise is also used to eating a little amount of soil along with the cutout grass. If possible you can also feed them with crushed bone parts. Besides, you can search online for more details on diet for Sulcata tortoise. There are many stores that sell in quality feed for the best price.

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